News (Kujichalugia)

Kujichalugia stands for self-determination. We believe that there is immense strength in this. There is strength in choosing to define ourselves. We are exhibiting self-determination in choosing to tell our stories and reject all false narratives perpetrated against us. Over history, Africa never truly had the chance to define itself. Our continent has been and still is marginalized, brutalized, colonized. Then false stories about our history were brutally forced down our throats and replayed over and over for the world to hear for centuries. This was the case until some formidable Africans challenged the status quo, while others wrote our history back to the Western World.

In this new day and age, as if it isn’t enough that our continent is held in the doldrums of pitiful leadership, corruption, and greed, falsehoods still exist about our homeland. Therefore, the spirit of self-determination is very important. Our choices in education, our political system, health care, spirituality, and our economy should reflect our self-determination. It should be an influential core tenet that guides us and moves benignly over us in our journey.

So whenever the news comes up about Africa in any sector, let it be seen and known that we are determining ourselves what our lives and futures would look like. With our hands, we in the diaspora must change our home’s future by being actively involved by joining the movement and propounding the ideology of Kujichalugia.