Economics (Ujima)

The concept of Ujima revolves around collective effort. It’s simply about building and maintaining our community together. It’s about being able to be close enough with each other to share our vulnerabilities as we take part in group economics. When we have the principle of Ujima at heart as a people, it means we all have one common economic interest, and we collaborate and cooperate to bring our economic realities to life and build a secure and sustainable economy for ourselves.

To move forward as a community, the diasporas Africans must support each other in everything we do, especially in our businesses or economic lives. We believe it is incredibly important to support black-owned businesses until the level where it has enough public perception and exponential exposure. When Ujima thrives within us, it means your problem is also my problem. And it means that we will put our heads together for a solution because we believe in the power of collective work building.

Ujima is the dominant economic principle that guides all our community development efforts. It is an ideology that inspires a movement that we one day hope would bring about real change in the economic world. The key is to take a cue from the economically developed world. It wasn’t built in one day, and one person didn’t build it. It was built by a resilient and consistent team who understood Ujima and had it at heart, even if they didn’t know it then.