Community Unity (Umoja)

True unity is a state of oneness, undivision, and unbroken completeness. Whenever unity thrives, it combines us all into an effective and cohesive whole that brings about productivity, teamwork, and an increase in effective collaboration and cooperation. Every success story has unity embedded within it. From strengthening and forming thriving bonds of familial love to achieve big and small wins and enjoying the smallest of joys, unity fosters everything possible and powerful.

Therefore, the spirit of Umoja demands that Africans be truly unified because nothing thrives in diversity except chaos, distrust, violence, and endless pain. We must maintain unity as a family, as a community, and as a race. We must be unified because of the purpose we intend to achieve for our continent. Unity is a beautiful art that can be experienced in distinctive ways. Sometimes unity means that we all must possess enough grit to stick together as we relentlessly pursue our milestones. Unity also means fostering togetherness and standing strong together in the face of life’s challenges. Unity transcends beyond being just a moral obligation or a principle of folklore or even Kwanzaa. Unity is something that must be striven for every day.

When we are wholeheartedly unified, we can become an unstoppable force that is indomitable. There’s only so much we can accomplish alone, but we can become one pulsating heart striving and thriving together on the power of cohesion. We can exist in a blissful state of unbroken trust and fulfillment.

Therefore, let us co-exist in Umoja as we strive to accomplish our goals for Africa.