Welcome to Nubia

Welcome to the website of Nubia, The Path to Return. We are an online-based community and resource center designed exclusively for Africans and the African diaspora. We created Nubia for the children of Africa who possess a strong desire to connect to their cultural roots through the historical, political, economic, and spiritual sectors.

We aim to bring a message of hope, unity, and healing to our brothers and sisters in the diaspora. We believe this message is extremely pertinent at this point in our history. This is a period of struggle for Africa, as we continue to bypass the unique issues peculiar only to our remarkable race.

Queen Ngningone II (Founder) 17th Generation Crown Queen of the Fang people (Gabon)

Queen Ngningone II (Founder) 17th Generation Crown Queen of the Fang people (Gabon)

Our goal is to foster a strong sense of unity that will propel our people to a higher consciousness and purpose level. We need to have a conscious understanding of who we are and what we need to do to free our continent from the firm grasp of the new form of colonialism and foreign occupation that has fully engulfed our continent. We also believe that all Africans need to come together in the collective effort of setting up enriching programs that are enough to bring our people back to their true home and true heritage.

A collective sense of Pan-Africanism is of utmost importance to the Nubian community. We believe it must walk hand in hand with the African renaissance and the continent’s intellectualization that will pave a path to our true freedom.


Nubia, The Path to return is a human resource center and online-based community operating from the United States. However, we are unapologetic and full-blooded Africans, who, in the true spirit of Pan Africanism, have set up this community to allow our diaspora brothers and sisters to have a true connection with their African heritage in the realms of History, Politics, Economics, and Spirituality.

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Nubia, The Path To Return is a non-profit community, and resource center designed for Africans and people of African descent in the diaspora, who wish to reconnect with the African continent through history, politics, economy and spirituality. We are unapologetic Africans, and we are proud of who we are. Our message to our brothers and sisters in the African Diaspora is a message of Healing, Peace, and Unity. It is a call to action whose transmission is crucial, especially at this time, as we continue to surpass ourselves in the face of the obstacles and challenges associated with our Remarkable Identity, which we face and which we must overcome daily. If you are not an African or a descendant of one of us, but a friend, relative, loving spouse of one of us, consider yourself one of us, and you are welcome.

Our Principles

As Africans, Our Principles behind Kwanzaa should be a guiding light illuminating the path to greatness.

To understand Nubia, The Path to Return, it is pertinent to understand the principles’ conceptual framework because it is inextricably interwoven into our Vision.