About Us

Nubia, The Path to return is a human resource center and online-based community operating from the United States. However, we are unapologetic and full-blooded Africans, who, in the true spirit of Pan Africanism, have set up this community to allow our diaspora brothers and sisters to have a true connection with their African heritage in the realms of History, Politics, Economics, and Spirituality.

We operate based on the seven principles of Kwanzaa. We base the creation of the Kwanzaa ideology on the premise that a cultural revolution must first be in place before a violent revolution, for a cultural revolution infuses us with identity, purpose, and direction. The seven principles of Kwanzaa, which we strongly believe in, revolve around the concepts of creativity, purpose, Faith, togetherness, unity, economic development and prosperity, and the need to evolve.

Kwanzaa is African in its own right. Beyond that, however, it is encompassed with all the positivity Africa desperately needs to bring about true rebirth. It is a necessary imperative for the continent to have faith that it can achieve its purpose and foster creativity, togetherness, and unity while at it. This is how progress is accomplished.

As Africans, the principles behind Kwanzaa should be a guiding light illuminating the path to greatness.

To understand Nubia, The Path to Return, it is pertinent to understand the principles’ conceptual framework because it is inextricably interwoven into our Vision.